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My name is Frederick J. Amorosa Jr. (a.k.a.) Jazz. I was born June 19 in downtown Jersey City, N.J. and lived there for the pass 48 years, with many fond memories. I moved to Matawan, N.J. which i lived there for the pass 11 years. And my final moves is to Clifton N.J. My musical background starts with the instruments I play piano, guitar, percussions, harmonica, bass, and a few more. The groups that influenced me growing up were The Crows, Ravens, and Five Keys, which had outstanding harmonies. In the seventies, it was the tenor groups The Temprees, Ethics, Blue Magic, Stylistics Delfonics, Continental 4, and Choice 4. At the age of ten the first group I sang with, the 4evers, which was a Barbershop Quartet group. Then during the course of my vocal career, I sang with such groups as The Dupree's, Heartaches, Uniques, Hudson's, Charades, and The Emperors 4. During the disco era, I played and sang with three groups Hot Ice,  White Heat and Filet of Soul from which I was influence by the hard-hitting funky beats of Mr. James Brown. The first company I started was Stardom Promotions in the seventies, which I produced a group called "Prime" that are still performing. My newest venture is a company called "2Smooth Productions" which intern is producing the group I am with now "2SMOOTH". The other companies I have created are “Just2Smooth Publishing”and" Up Front Records" which will be distributing the CD. "2SMOOTH". On this CD "What Love Could Do", I created all vocal harmonies, arrangements and instrumental tracks. Therefore, if you want the smoothed of the smooth 2SMOOTH is it.
  • I have been singing most of my life. I love music and after many years of singing with vocal groups I have now begun to share this musical knowledge and want to help you to learn from the pros: vocal lessons, coaching, arrangements, and vocal harmonies in all fields of gospel accapella R&B and barbershop harmony etc. Be taught on your favorite style of music or learn your favorite song as a soloist or group.
  • You may also chose an original song from 2Smooth Productions list to learn and record at a price. If you want the best, vocal backgrounds and musical tracks for your songs weather they are original or cover tunes let {2smooth Production}, who specialize in this format create them for you.
    We also create the vocal harmonies for your songs from the simple to the most intricate harmonies of today.
  • Fred Amorosa and 2Smooth Productions teach vocal harmonies to those who want to be vocal arrangers and teachers. We show people who cannot read music to enhance their natural ear playing and how to create their own tracks, vocal, and music harmonies.
    2Smooth Productions  also teach regular one on one vocal lesson and how to run the board and Pro Tools.
  • Remember you do not have to know how to read music to make music. Because there is so much talent out there that play by ear, but do not feel there is a place in the industry for them, but that is so far from the truth. You no why, cause I am one of those natural ear players who elaborate on just those talents.”
  • If you need proof just listen to our songs on the site. I Frederick J. Amorosa Jr. created all track, played all instruments, and harmonies.

JC native becoming mentor for young musicians



To the Industry

Hello, my name is Martin Derouin
My credentials are Web Promoter Personal web site is www.vegasdoowop.com, which is the biggest web site for the support of 50ties music to the music of today on the entire internet. We review the best of the best pass and now and support the groups with in the web site. You can view were they are now, were they will be, and any up coming event they are involved in. This also includes what new releases they might have, and you may sample the songs and have a direct link to the artist sites.

So let us talk about 2SMOOTH . This is one of the hottest new retro oldies R&B groups to hit the scene today. There harmony, choice of songs, and new arrangements are fresh and new. In addition, there originals have a completely new style to them. The review on Vegas Doo Wop was number one. They just won group of the month and there fan base is huge.

The gentlemen that make up 2SMOOTH  are in a class by themselves. There choreography, dress wears and stage presentation is noting short as perfect. The mannerism of the group on and off stage is very professional.

They have one of the best web sites I have seen a complete package everything a promoter would need to view there talents noting left to the imagination a must to see, and so much of.

So allow me to exit by saying to miss and act like 2SMOOTH if they are in your area is a crime. They are just “2SMOOTHHHHHHHHHHH!

Mr. Martin Derouin May 5, 2005

To the Industry.

My name is Ms. Pam Crowder (aka) PJ, In the industry I’m know as a web designer, have my own web store pjwebdesign.com/store.html  which I review all the artist I have in my store were they sell there cd’s I ‘am also a Promoter. I’m writing this letter to review the group 2SMOOTH. First and foremost the name says most of what is obvious this group is just 2smooth.There harmony is SMOKIN!!.There dress wear is clean and always just right for the occasion. Which is obvious again from the picture on there album cover. There choice of songs for the album was great and the arrangements were out standing. To speak to Mr. Frederick J. Amorosa Jr. was a pleasure for his gentlemen like conduct and mannerism is a big plus for anyone who has to do as many things as he has to represent this group. Though I never had the chance to see them live I could only imagine there choreography, and stage presentation, would be again just 2SMOOTH!

In closing, I would just like to say that anyone in the industry could only gain by hiring a group with such class.
Always with love PJ             February, 2005

To the Industry.

Hello, my name is Mr. Felix HernandezMy Credentials are as follow. I am the Disc Jockey for WBGO 88.3 FM and KISS 98.7 FM .I ‘m the promoter of the Rhythm Revue dance party at Roseland where we play all the old school music EST.The stories of 2SMOOTH starts out like many others when groups send in there cd’s for evaluation in the hopes of getting air play. I receive them at the station as a hard copy press kit. The kit may contain numerous things such as cd, bio’s and pictures of the group, which one may be autographed to me from them. After I review the contents, which may take a couple of months from all the mail, we receive from the new artist. I will listen to the cd and if I feel there might be one or two from the cd that might fit the shows format it might make the rotations on one of the shows.We also have a call in and e-mail request for the both shows, and we take that in consideration, depending on how much e-mails and call in we get on the group, for a particular song. However, I still have to decide if it fits the format of the show, which is the final decision.Therefore, now it’s obvious by reading the letter “2SMOOTH” made the grade, e-mails and call in’s made the show with outstanding numbers. In addition, there were more then one song I took a liking to. However, the one I chosen to play on the air was there new version of (Daddy’s Home) from Shep and The Limelites, which they call (Daddy’s Coming Home).After the air play numerous more calls, and e-mails hit the station wanting to know where to purchase the cd, and who the groups was.Being a Jock for many years I know my music and theses gentlemen can sing . The harmony was tight, smoothed, new, and refresh. I would attribute it, to the style and the new arrangement of the song. I’m sure that Shep and The Limelites would love the version of the song for they did it with respect.Even though I had never seen them on stage with there choreography, dress wear, and mannerism .I’m sure just by seeing there web site which is one of the best I seen you will experience all that first hand. All I can say that ,they are every bit of what there name stands for which is  “2SMOOTH”Yours Truly Mr. Felix Hernandez  January 15, 2005

To the Industry.

Let me start of by saying What’s Up! My name is Mr. Ken (spider) Web
My venues are many from WBLS, Jazz Radio 88.3 and Kew Webb Internet Show Disc Jockey, and MC Etc.
I am writing this letter to let everyone know about the smoothest of the smoothed, THE group 2SMOOTH! I had the pleasure of reviewing the album (What Love Can Do) on The Ken Webb Show on more then one occasion with accelerating response the harmony of the group is in a class all by itself. With it’s mixture of old school with there up to date arrangement .They mix R&B with barber shop type harmony and still can hear a touch of that 50ties sound, which in it’s self is no easy task. The choice of the songs for the album was very though out .It gave you a mix of Gospel with and arrangement of the (Lords Prayer) and then there 50ties songs with the new arrangements of (Daddy’s Home) and more .There is also the classic (La La Means I Love You), and (Ooh Baby Baby) with outstanding new arrangements. The originals (Don’t Know), and (What Love Can Do), which are hot to say the least.  The Latin feel on (I’ll Never Let You Go); with a rap to conclude the song had a surprising and unexpected plus to it.

 I also had the pleasure of speaking to Frederick J. Amorosa Jr. on more then occasion with a live line on the show. He also goes under the name JAZZ which all of his friends and fans call him. The name fits him well because he is a jazzy type of guy to have such a fell for the music he arranges. He is very smooth to talk to and has a great deal of knowledge for music and harmony. The mannerism of Fred, and the group 2SMOOTH! whether in an interview, or on, or of stage, is just first class. I had the pleasure of seeing them on stage which I MC the night at the Loews Theatre. Let me tell you there are just too many words to say how much style, finesse, panache they have I guess that is why they call the group 2SMOOTH which sums it up. There choreography, and dress wear they wore the night of the show again, was just 2smooth. Let us go on to say also, that they share the stage with the best in the industry. For if you are reading my letter, you are obliviously on there web site, and can see the line up of the best, of the best in the entertainment business.

So let me sum this up by saying, keep on keeping on. In addition, always stay 2SMOOTH!
God Bless Ken (spider) Web        January 15, 2005

To the Industry.

My name is Mr. Vander Carter V.O. Promotions Esq.
My occupations are concert promoter, and entertainer on the highest caliper, with all the top names in the R&B entertainment business.

Let us start this road of knowledge but saying the group “2SMOOTH” is one of the hottest new R&B vocal groups to come along in a long time. There vocal harmony, choreography, and stage presence is over the top .They can sing or dance with the best of them. There originality of the rearranged songs they do is so new and fresh it is a pleasure to listen to. They are completely professional in all aspects of the word they have a style that is just 2SMOOTH with the suits they wear on stage and how they just take control when there on it. They also are a group that is very humble whether they are and opening act or the high light of the events

Let me end by saying not having 2smooth on your show or club or on any stage is a lost to that promoter. They are just that electrifying in all they do

Mr. Vander Carter V.O. Promotion ESQ. January 1, 2005

To the Industry.

What’s up my Bothers & Sisters of soul my name is Mr. Larry Cotton
My credentials are writer and coordinator for In the Basement Magazine.

I have the pleasure of intervening many of groups for the magazine. The groups are the top in the business such as Blue Magic, The Stylistics, The Delphonics, The Intruders, The Legendary Escorts, The Persuaders ,and Soul Generation just to name a few.

Now a new group with all the dynamic quality to be among the above “2SMOOTH”.
I had the pleasure to view “2SMOOTH” on more then one occasion at the Loews Theatre, and each and every time the experience was none short of perfection. 2SMOOTH has a style that is always in change, you never no what to expect, and that is great. They are new and fresh, with great leads, harmony and they are very versatile for all the members sing lead, which allows the right person to emulate that personal touch to the song they chose to sing. There stage presentation and choreography and mannerism are “First Class” just what you would expect from a group with the name “2SMOOTH”.
They are always dress to perfection, and ready to sign autographs, take picture for the fans, and treat them as though they were part of the family.

The name “2SMOOTH” is not and easy name to live up to and you always have to be on target to sustain that image. Nevertheless, they do it each and ever time when they perform.

I happen to be on the same show the night they interviewed Fred Amorosa on Tim Marshall’s, The Rhythm & Blues Showcase at Z88.9 . We found out that the members of the group, came from the substance of many great 50ties groups, such as The Duprees, The Heartaches, The Uniques, The Hudsons, The Charades, The Emperors 4, The Kac-Ties, The Emeralds the men have been around, and that’s a lot of talent.

So if you are looking for something new and fresh and always changing its “2SMOOTH”

Noting but love , respect, and success for “2SMOOTH”

Mr. Larry Cotton In The Basement Magazine September 19, 2004

To the Industry.

Hope all is well; my name is Tim Marshall.
My credentials are Disc Jockey and Promoter for The Rhythm & Blues Showcase Z88.9, MC, and coordinator for the web site. 

So let talk about “2SMOOTH”, the name is great can they live up to it. Let us put it this way to call them “2SMOOTH” is and understatement if that is possible. I have not had a cd review with a group in a long time with such response on my show. You would think that after such classics as (Ooh Baby Baby), and (La La Means I Love You), and a couple of other remakes on there cd that any one can do these songs any different. Well you are completely wrong, that’s what makes this group “2SMOOTH” The harmonic and ingenious arrangements of Fred Amorosa aka (JAZZ) is outstanding to say the least He put more harmony and changed the intro’s added words and dynamic ending that put these classics back in the groove. The original’s (Don’t Know), and (What Love Can Do), and (I’ll Never Let You Go) have all the making of a hit with sufficient airtime. There cd is necessary buy for that old school retro style with new arrangements.

I also had the pleasure of having a live line feed to interview Fred Amorosa. In addition, let me tell you this guy is “2SMOOTH”. I though he was going to make a pitch to take over the show. Fred has such a natural delivery and response to all my question and I had no need to fill in the blanks when interviewing him. He has much knowledge of the old school music, R&B and music in general and extremely talented man.

As a web coordinator for my own station, it’s not easy to bow down to another web site. However, some times we must be humble, because they have one of the best all rounded web site I have ever seen. With all the new technology in web design, and formatted, in and easy to view surf platform.

Therefore, in saying so long for now we at Z88.9 will continue to play “2SMOOTH” in hopes to give them the airtime they so rightfully deserve with much success

This is Tim Marshall always in the groove. September 9, 2004

To the Industry

Hello, it is the Prince of Rock and Roll Mickey B.    www.mickeyb.com
I want to tell all the people out there fans and the entertainment media, there is a new group in town and they are called “2SMOOTH”

Let me tell you a little bit about myself .My name is Mickey B radio personality WGBB 1240 am radio .I am also a promoter and MC.

I had the pleasure of having “2SMOOTH” on my radio station and these guy’s are great.
The vocal harmony and the arrangements of the songs are like no other I heard before.
The way they handle themselves on the air and the timing they have is very fluent.
To interview Fred Amorosa was a pleasure, he new just how to respond to the questions and has a natural ability to adlib. Even though you cannot see them, I could and there dress wear they had on was as if they were going on stage and they just came to sing .That shows you they are always ready and they look good. The guys are class all the way they handle themselves very professional on all counts.

Fred Amorosa even wrote me a jingle for the show that night which he presented me with. How many people you know can do that so quick .The music and harmony and lyrics was great it covered everything about the show, this guy can write music. Please check it out when you are on there web site.

I like to end this letter by saying always be smooth if not “2SMOOTH”
Mickey B October 4, 2002