Learn from the pros. We offer vocal lessons, coaching, arrangements, and vocal harmonies.

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2015 Best Vocal Teacher Award - 2017 Best Vocal Teacher Award
“Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
  • Music and singing is my passion. Just because you can't read MUSIC, doesn't mean you can't make MUSIC. You don't have to be a Star, to have a passion to sing. But your passion to sing might one day lead you to Stardom, the Stage is yours. We provide soloist and group harmony lessons, tracks and recording. We do mixing and mastering, and we are SAE certified.
  • Learn from the pros. We offer vocal lessons, coaching, arrangements, and vocal harmonies in all fields of gospel, a capella, R&B and barbershop harmony, etc. Be taught on your favorite style of music, or learn your favorite song as a soloist or group. You may also choose an original song from our list to learn and record at a price.
  • If you want the best vocal backgrounds and musical tracks for your songs, whether they are original or cover tunes, let 2Smooth Production, who specializes in this format, create them for you.
  • We also create the vocal harmonies for your songs if there is none, from the simple to the most intricate harmonies of today. We teach vocal harmonies for those who want to be vocal arrangers and teachers. We show people who cannot read music to enhance their natural ear playing and how to create their own tracks, vocal, and music harmonies.

  • We also teach regular one-on-one vocal lessons. Remember that you do not have to know how to read music to make music. There is so much talents out there who play by ear but do not feel there is a place in the industry for them; that is so far from the truth. You know why? Because I am one of those natural ear players who elaborate on just those talents.

  • If you need proof, just listen to our songs on the site. I, Frederick J. Amorosa Jr., created all of the tracks, and I've played all instruments and harmonies. You may also obtain 2Smooth to do the harmonies on your next song by backing you up in the studio or on stage. Therefore, if you want the best, then put us to the test and reach out and call. We are more than happy to talk to you.

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